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Bath Shampoo

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Bath & Shampoo


  1. Moisture feeling after wash by providing moisture protection with skin protection
    It manages skin healthy by providing nutrients and moisture with vegetable raw material after wash without irritation.

  2. Soft and moist use feeling! Clean with plenty bubbles
    It keeps moisture for long time by removing bodily wastes effectively and minimize irritation with soft bubbles.

  3. From head to toe with 2 in 1. From shampoo to shower once
    It can be used as shampoo or for skin with plenty of bubbles. It keeps moisture and nutrients after wash with vegetable glycerine ingredients.

  4. Hypoallergenic mild detergency of apple seed extract natural surfactant
    It uses apple seed extract natural surfactant, so it is possible to use for sensitive and weak baby skin without worries.