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  • South Korea South Korea
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  1. Provide moisture by fast absorption refreshing soothing gel
    Gel type high moisture soothing gel provides refreshing and clean use feeling on sensitive and fatigue skin. It keeps skin moisture for long time

  2. Provide moisture lightly and moistly! Sooth sensitive skin fast
    It lessens irritation on sensitive and swollen skin and help on making moisture and soft skin by soothing.

  3. Refreshing feeling, cooling feeling and cleaning feeling Up by moisturization deeply into skin
    With clean and soft use feeling, it is absorbed by skin immediately since it is not sticky.
    It gives soothing effect on swollen skin, so it is very good.

  4. OK for every skin type by using vegetable ingredients
    It is hypoallergenic soothing gel with vegetable ingredients, so it can be used by every ages from sensitive babies to sensitive adults