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  1. Apply frequently! Crispy ending without white turbidity It can be applied lightly without crumples, doesn't matter how many times.
    It is a soft texture product which don't have white turbidity like other ultraviolet protector.

  2. Free from UVA and UVB
    By using enzyme fermented filtrated, Chaga mushroom extracts, it provides plentiful nutrients on skin and enhance skin texture to be smooth.

  3. Use without worries due to Ultraviolet blockage index SPF 30++
    Please drop your prejudice that high SPF index has high ultraviolet block rate.
    The most important fact of ultraviolet blockage is that applying appropriate SPF index products frequently.

  4. Pure ultraviolet block that can be used for all family together
    From sensitive and soft baby’s skin, fatigued father’s skin from outside activity to mother who is exposed to daily ultraviolet, every family member can use the product without worries.